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Trust Planet  

Initially used the name of Rio Landscaping, after a long analysis of the company we observed many qualities not exploited I great potential for growth, we invested in the brand with the elaboration of the Logo and in the sequence of the website, at this moment the products had already been rethought and adapted to new reality.

Financial structuring has given the customers that should be discarded and the possible markets to be worked on.

Logo 4.png

A company specialized in Tree Service with a set of opportunities needing to be adjusted, from the conception of the logo to the uniforms, the whole process leveraged by the registration in several sales channels allowing a real sales increase of 25%.


With cost control, the equipment to be acquired as well as the equipment to be sold was determined.

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Company in the construction segment with more than 5 years of experience, suffering from lack of organization and a clear data base to determine which are feasible projects, with the implementation of control tools in the first 3 months was possible to note which customers which should be discarded and which real customers that interested us, customers that bring healthy sales, ie sales with a good profit.

Bright Cleanes


Esta empresa foi criacao da Path4u para demostrar a real capacidade que a publicidade aliada ao marketing e com um planejamento estrategico pode oferecer.

Partindo do zero criamos desde a conceituacao da marca como o produto de venda, inlcuimos nos canais de venda e potencializamos os atrativos para os clientes, resultando em um projeto pronto para decolar.